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We Provide High-Quality Sign Language Interpreter Services

To help you achieve high-quality communication access with deaf or hard of hearing individuals, we provide high-quality sign language interpreting services. To ensure that we provide the correct level of interpreting services, we have developed an interpreter request process that will provide us with all the information necessary to tailor our services to your needs while also ensuring that the process itself remains HIPAA-compliant.

We provide services in a variety of situations, such as:

  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Dentist appointments
  • Hospital/Surgical procedures
  • IEP sessions
  • Educational classes (early childhood through graduate)
  • Conferences
  • Business/Staff meetings7
  • Performances
  • Many other situations


Here are a few tips that can help ensure that you receive the highest level of service possible:

  • Please try to submit the request for a sign language interpreter at least two weeks in advance or as soon as possible. Please note all requests made with less than 48 hours notice will result in a short notice fee.
  • Deaf people utilize many different modes of communication. Some of these modes of communication are ASL (American Sign Language), PSE (Pidgin Sign English) or SEE (Signed Exact English), oral, and tactile (which refers to those who are deaf-blind).   Please try asking the individual(s) who will be utilizing the sign language interpreter which mode of communication they use. This information will help us ensure that we select the right interpreter to assist you.
  • Discuss with the deaf individual the best placement for your interpreter (or whether other equipment is needed) to maximize communication access.

Contact us today to receive a customized interpreting solution that can help meet your organization’s needs.