Signing Edge is dedicated to ensuring that people who rely on American Sign Language.

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Welcome to Signing Edge!

Metro Deaf Interpreting Professionals, LLC (“MDI”) since 2008

Signing Edge was originally founded by Angeline Early Exton in 2008 as Metro Deaf Interpreting Professionals, LLC (“MDI”). Angeline set out to create a sign language interpreting company with the mission of providing quality sign language interpreting and consulting at a reasonable price while achieving customer satisfaction. With Angeline at the helm, Metro Deaf Interpreting Professionals grew to be one of the premier sign language interpreting agencies in the St. Louis metropolitan area over the next nine years.

In 2017, Angeline’s life path changed directions which led to her decision to sell MDI. She looked for new owners who would work hard in ensuring that MDI continued its growth and success. She also was looking for owners who would honor Angeline’s desire for MDI to remain connected to the deaf and sign language interpreting communities that it has long served. Thus, Angeline sold MDI to Shelia Anderson, James Frost and Anne Frost.

Shelia, Anne and James worked together to strengthen MDI and in August of 2018, Shelia decided to invest more of her time in the continued growth of her company, Helping Hands Interpreting. James and Anne then became the sole owners of MDI. MDI, now Signing Edge, continues to have a strong relationship with Shelia and Helping Hands Interpreting.

Anne Frost is a deaf individual who is a successful advocate for many deaf and hard of hearing individuals around the St. Louis metropolitan area. James Frost is a deaf individual who is an attorney with 18 years of experience and successfully helped two other sign language interpreting agencies achieve stellar customer service results. Anne and James then began the transformation process, including a re-branding that resulted in Metro Deaf Interpreting Professionals’ changing its identity to Signing Edge.

Our new name reflects our commitment to three enduring values: 1) We will become the best sign language interpreting company we can be by supporting our deaf and hard of hearing consumers who are striving to achieve great things in their lives; 2) We will support the sign language interpreters who work with us in their efforts to be high-quality sign language interpreters that our clients, our deaf community and our sign language interpreter community can be proud of; and 3) We will work with our clients to incorporate sign language into their organizational cultures, thereby increasing productivity, morale, and profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer sign language classes?

Yes, the classes will start this summer. We hope to have the first day of class on Monday, June 10.

What are the different levels of your sign language classes?

At this point in time, we only provide ASL 1 (beginner level). We expect to add ASL 2 (Intermediate level) in 2025.

Do you offer services in languages other than American Sign Language (ASL)?


How much do sign language classes cost?

It depends on how much in expenses it will cost to start up the classes. We hope to keep the costs down to an affordable level – about $40 to $60 per individual per class.

What is the schedule for your sign language classes?

The classes will be on Mondays and Wednesdays for one hour each day for 10 weeks. We do not know what time the classes will be yet.

Do you offer private sign language instruction?

Yes. Please contact us for pricing.