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Why Are We Changing Our Name?

Why Are We Changing Our Name?
August 30, 2018 James Frost

Since 2008, we have been known as Metro Deaf Interpreting Professionals, LLC. Last year, we purchased the company from Angeline Early Exton. We began by examining the company and the interpreting industry landscape in the St. Louis metropolitan area. As a result of that examination, we decided that we needed to change the name of our company. Why are we changing our name to Signing Edge?

There are a couple of reasons for the name change. One, we wanted the singular focus of our company to be on sign language. American Sign Language (ASL) is a beautiful language with its own rules for grammar and syntax that also provides people with a competitive edge. How is this possible? Well, first, ASL is a form of communication. Being able to communicate effectively helps people be competitive, gain knowledge, get good grades in school, get jobs, and gain income that they need to live their lives. Second, ASL can help companies and organizations unlock the talents of people who rely on ASL for their communication needs and become a better, more diverse company or organization. Diversity is a strength. It allows companies and organizations to be able to examine situations or circumstances from multiple points of view and be able to create better solutions.

Two, we wanted to avoid being confused with other sign language interpreting agencies. Many interpreting agencies have the word “deaf” in it. For example, Deaf Inter-link, DEAF Way, DEAF, Inc., etc. In addition, by staying away from the word “deaf,” we are signaling that Deaf, deaf, or hard of hearing individuals are not the only ones who rely on ASL for communication. For example, people who can hear but are unable to speak utilize ASL, people who are diagnosed with autism may sometimes use ASL, Deaf-blind individuals utilize ASL, etc. Changing our name allows us to demonstrate the unique nature of our company, our desire to serve a broader range of individuals who use ASL, and our desire to focus on ASL as a beautiful and competitive way of communication.

Three, we wanted to show that ASL can be a form of “cutting edge” communication. With rapid innovations occurring in the interpreting industry, such as Video Relay Services, Video Remote Interpreting services, and potential exciting innovations like computers that may someday be able to recognize and understand ASL, it’s pretty clear that ASL is not a dying language. It is a language that can keep up with the increasing demands of people who are living on our planet. This, again, goes back to our belief that ASL is a beautiful language that can allow people to be the best they can be at whatever position or field they choose to excel at.

We hope our new name is as exciting to you as it is to us. We want to welcome you to our company and to allow us the honor and privilege of showing you how ASL can be a great tool for improving your company or organization. Come join us on our journey!